Marriage Tips: Falling Love To Other Man

When You Falling Love To Other Man

Falling Love To Other Man | Marriage Tips - intherelationship - Your married life is quite harmonious, and you're blessed with the sweetest child. But one day, a friend introduce you to a man within the scope of your network. Suddenly you realize, you can not stop remembering his smile. You can not stop smiling when you remind his utterances. You really could not eliminate his shadow in your memory. Moreover, you will still see him often!

When You Falling Love To Other Man
It is normal when you suddenly fall in love again, to other man. Who can deny the strong attraction, which is owned by someone? The problem then, how do you control a situation like this.

Are you going to start sneaking time in order to spend time with him? Or you are forced to look for trouble with your husband, to have a reason to part with? However, the feeling of falling in love is too strong to ignore. However, selecting the new man is certainly only going to hurt your husband. Actually you do not have any issues in your relationship so far, the worst is you make it happen.

Before you regret for putting your flashed love feelings, and leave the husband who had been so understanding you are, just try to control your feelings first. Use your energy and spirit that are blazing to reorganize your marriage life.

1. Remind the your husband goodness
Usually, we fall in love with someone who reflects the version of ourselves that we want. That's what makes you attracted to this man. He thinks you sexy, and this makes us feel sexy. And, we enjoy the feeling. This is what we can actually do with our husband. Your husbands should make you feel sexy (again), and we must remind our husband was very sexy.

2. Restore your energy into your home
You was living whole your life with the same man for years, its reasonable you flowered when you fell in love again. But do not treat yourself to pursue this new man. Instead, bring those rosy energy and feelings back into your home. Getting to know about someone new, charming, and so close, are so exciting. But rather than waste time to meet him anywhere he is, try to use your passion with your husband. When he sees you are so passionate, he will re-excited with his life.

3. Find a safe way of flirting
There are no faults to be friendly with people you find attractive. Just make sure that your husband will not see anything you do with this new man. Just goes without leaving a trail by storing text messages, e-mail, or tweet that will only complicate you later. Just do it for fun, and need not take it too seriously. If possible, do it in front of your friends so you do not have a chance to respond to this man personally. Then stop all your action before things began to come seriously.

4. Say what you feel

When you have a jealous husband, or perhaps quite conservative straight male, this could be a last resort. Convey that you are attracted to other men, and say why. Understanding these reasons (including for you) will make it less attractive to be pursued again, and did not seem too threatening to your husband. Truth will indeed be scary, but try to overcome your fear to share with the husband about your feelings. Conversely, you also have to accept the reaction, and understand if he was being honest with you. Tell to your husband that you convey this precisely because you want to control your feelings, not because you wanted to leave him.

In short, do not let your interest cause you made a mistake by broke your marriage that has been nurtured well. Enjoy the attention of this new man, but do not expect too much. Use his admiration as a sign that you are still attractive in the eyes of others. The people around you were probably still think you're beautiful, it's just they do not express it because they had long been aware of you. So keep your feeling to falling love with other man.


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