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Fragrances To Attract Men

Fragrances That Can Make Men Get Mad | Fragrant Scent - One way to attract men is by the fragrant scent. The smell of candy or fruit but not a musk, can make a man interested on you. The results of research says that most men would inhale and look for the source of the smell that interested him. Interestingly, men are also attracted by the fragrances that smell like food. Here are some types of fragrances that can make men get mad in you :
Fragrances That Can Make Men Get Mad
This smell has long been believed to be naturally stimulus. In the early 1700s, doctors recommend this scent for their male patients to ensure his ability as a stimulant. In the AskMen website, said that the sweet aroma has euphoric effects that can enhance the sensual mood. Vanilla scent makes women seem more sexy. The aroma is very fresh and light, with the added scent of lemon and bergamot, can reveal a sensual and gentle impression.
Black licorice
Some researches revealed that the combination of this scent can increased the arousal more than 30 percent. These fragrances can be mixed in a gel foam when a bubble bath, or use as a perfume. The smell are fresh but it so soft, it will make him get crazy.
Pumpkin pie
The smell of pumpkin pie is sweet when combined with the scent of lavender which can enhance male arousal by 40 percent. This scent is a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla that are afrosidiak.

About 20 percent of men will get attracted to the scent of citrus which seductive and fresh. This aroma will tickle the man olfactory, because it creates the sensation of a little spice blend like olive, and vanilla cream that men like.
The smell of lilies are very fragrant. The softness scent of the flowers can arouse men passions up to 11 percent. This perfume combine pink peony flowers with freesia soft and fragrant. A little touch of citrus and ginger scent is refreshing to send a signal to your man.


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